Amundi’s 4th quarter and annual 2016 results




Despite a market environment full of contrasts (macroeconomic concerns, Brexit vote), Amundi records strong net inflows, + €62.2bn, above the annual target1, and a renewed growth of the net income Group over 12 months.


In 2016, Amundi’s assets rose by + 9.9% to €1,083 billion, under the combined effect of strong inflows, a favourable market effect and a positive scope effect related to the integration of KBI GI and Crédit Agricole Immobilier’s real estate management activities.

Amundi’s net inflows for open-ended funds are ranked No. 2 in Europe2.

2016 was marked by renewed growth of the net income Group share, which rose to €568m, a significantly raise of +7.7% vs. 20153.

The 2016 results confirm the profitable growth trend Amundi has demonstrated since it was created. The acquisition of Pioneer Investments will reinforce its business model and its development potential by strengthening its areas of expertise and its distribution ability in order to serve its individual and institutional clients.

Yves Perrier, , Chief Executive Officer of Amundi


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1. Average annual inflow target of €40bn announced during the IPO.
2. Source: Broadridge Financial Solutions, Nov 2016, open-ended fund domiciled in Europe.
3. Excluding IPO expenses: €15m before taxes, €9m after taxes in 2015, of which €7m in Q4.